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Meals Available Beginning March 23

Everyone who has children, or takes care of someone else’s children during this time, Smithville ISD is providing free meals for kids, you SHOULD take advantage of it.

Many people do not understand that it helps your district’s food service department tremendously.

School food service depends on meal reimbursement to stay solvent. If participation is low it is harder to off set the cost of the meals and labor. Food service departments are self-sustaining. School food service departments get reimbursed per meal that they serve. This is no different than any other time during the school year. So if you think that you are helping other families by not taking advantage of the meals offered, you are mistaken, we have plenty of meals.

Please accept these free meals offered by these wonderful people at this time. They are working harder than ever to help out as many families as possible.

Also, your children do not have to be enrolled in school or even go to school in the district you are residing in. These meals are free to all kids from the age of 18 on down.

Smithville ISD will be serving curbside meals starting Monday from 11-12:30 daily in the front of Brown Primary and back of the Elementary (Main) Cafeteria on Bishop Street. We will be providing breakfast and lunch in one package.
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