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SISD Staff Honored at Graduate Dinner

The top academic students were not the only people recognized at the May 16 Honors Banquet. Each one of the Top 10 Percent students chose to spotlight their most influential teacher to be their special guest at their table.
Honored for their academic achievements were Valedictorian Caitlin Duty, Salutatorian Jamie King, Outstanding Male Michael Campbell, Outstanding Female Tobie Sherrill, and Allysha Page, Ashlee Guerrero, David Curtis, Elisabeth Ambrose, Emma Beckett, Gillian Marek, Lacey Cardwell and Matthew Skotnicki Jr.
Teachers chosen were Shelly Naylor, Stewart Burns, Daryl Mason, Tony Quitta, Elena Schroeder, Cara Moore, Leona Jones, Sheila Del’Homme, Wayne King, Daeana Seidel, Craig Wilmont and Mary Sides.
As he was reading the accomplishments and plans of the students, David Edward spoke about the influence on each student by their favorite teacher.
Caitlin’s honored guest was Mary Sides, 2nd Grade teacher now retired from Brown Primary. Caitlin wants to honor Mrs. Sides for all her hard work and dedication and for making her 2nd grade year memorable. She says that her class participated in so many fun activities and she is so grateful to have had such a wonderful and caring teacher.
Jamie’s honored guest was Craig Wilmot, former Pre-Calculus teacher at SHS. Jamie says that Mr. Wilmot is one of the greatest teachers and role models she has ever had. She says Mr. Wilmot cares about her success and pushed her to strive to be a better person, both in school and in life.
Michael’s honored guest was Daryl Mason, former coach at SHS. Michael credits Coach Mason with being an all-around great man who has always been encouraging and optimistic about Michael’s future, both on and off the basketball court. Michael thanks Coach Mason for modeling and instilling many positive values that Michael has incorporated into his life.
Tobie’s honored guest was Wayne King, SHS Tiger Band director. Tobie says Mr. King has been a source of wisdom and strong advice throughout not only her high school career, but in her life as well. She says Mr. King’s love of music and passion for teaching set a great example for everyone around him and that he is an inspiration not only for her, but for every student he teaches.
Elisabeth’s honored guest was Shelly Naylor, 2nd Grade teacher at Brown Primary. Elisabeth chose Ms. Naylor because she took the time and effort to make sure every student felt cared for and special. To this day, Elisabeth still has the scrapbook given to every student in Ms. Naylor’s class at the end of the year. She taught Elisabeth that learning could be fun and rewarding and her example is one of the main reasons Elisabeth has chosen education as her career path.
Emma’s honored guest was Stewart Burns, the DECA sponsor at Smithville High School. Emma’s appreciates Mr. Burns for being a tremendous role model for her and credits his influence on her life to becoming the person she is today.
Lacey’s honored guest was Tony Quitta, retired PALs/PAX sponsor. He was unable to attend the ceremony. Lacey wanted to honor Mr. Quitta for his years of hard work in making Smithville High School a better place for all students. She credits Mr. Quitta for being a teacher who truly cares about every student’s education and their future. Lacey said his example was the best motivation for working hard and setting high goals for oneself. She is thankful to have had Mr. Quitta as a teacher and a role model.
David’s honored guest was Elena Schroeder, former World Geography teacher at SHS at and current Smithville Elementary Librarian. David said Mrs. Schroeder’s class was exciting and interesting because she was exciting and interesting. He said Mrs. Schroeder was someone he could think out loud to, and always portrayed a thoughtful and caring persona. David loved the way Mrs. Schroeder welcomed students into class with a smile, and left them with one when class was over…and always put students first.  David concluded his thoughts by saying he hoped one day to embody the traits Mrs. Schroeder exhibited daily – care for others, nurturing of others, a willingness to push through adversity, and a zeal for everything she does.
AshLee’s honored guest was Cara Moore, Psychology & Sociology, teacher at SHS. She appreciates Mrs. Moore for encouraging her to move forward in her profession of interest. AshLee appreciates that Mrs. Moore engages her students in conversations about diverse topics and models the ideal teacher that is willing to make a personal connection with her students.
Gillian’s honored guest was Leona Jones, AP History teacher at SHS. Gillian chose Ms. Jones because when she was her teacher, Ms. Jones continually encouraged her to be strong in her beliefs and to question the way things are so that she could find her own way in the world.
Allysha’s honored guest was Sheila Del’Homme, Web/Technical teacher at SHS. Allysha credits Mrs. Del’Homme with being helpful and attentive throughout Allysha’s years in high school and wants her to know that she is thankful for being able to have her as a teacher. She appreciates Mrs. Del’Homme for being supportive of her endeavors throughout her high school years.
Matthew’s honored guest was Deana Seidel, Calculus teacher at SHS. Matthew is grateful to Mrs. Seidel for being an amazing teacher. Matthew is thankful that she has prepared him to attend college and has been supportive of everything he does.
Smithville Education Foundation and Smithville Area Chamber of Commerce co-hosted the Honor Graduate Dinner for the Top 10 Percent of the Class of 2017 at the First United Methodist Church Family Center. This is the first year teachers were recognized for their contribution to the success of the Top 10 Percent students.
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