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May School Board Meeting Recap

Below is an update from the School Board Meeting from Monday, May 21, 2018

*These are not the official minutes from the meeting – only a recap.


Board Member News:

  • Mrs. Burns thanked outgoing Board President, Dareld Morris III for his service on the Board of Trustees.
    • Nancy Towry (elected) and Alan Hemphill (re-elected) were sworn in.
    • The Board reorganization is as follows:
      • President, Grant Gutierrez
      • Vice President, Alan Hemphill
      • Secretary, Tay Campbell
  • Board Recognitions
    • See attached documents below


Information Items:

  • Superintendent’s Report

High School

    • Smithville High School also announced the Top 10% of the Graduating class of 2018! (listed alphabetically)
      • Emanuel Borja
      • Riley Brower-Hoy
      • Karina Caudillo – Salutatorian
      • Marilla Dial
      • Jose Huerta
      • Netanya McKeown
      • Marissa Sandoval
      • Cody Spencer – Valedictorian
      • Cally Tomlin
      • Andrew Wyatt
      • James Wyatt
  • SHS Scholarship Program and Awards Program totaled $338,896.00
  • SHS Culinary Arts BBQ Competition - 3rd Place (Bacon wrapped jalapeños)
    • BBQ Pit used in the competition was built by SHS Ag Tech

 Junior High

  • No Place For Hate Designation – 2nd year in a row

 Community Connection

  • SEF Banners – to be placed at campus entrances (locations to be determined)


  • W.J. Mixon Masonic Lodge will recognize Teresa Ellis, Lora Jones, and Deana Seidel for the Mirabeau Lamar Excellence in Teaching award on May 29th.
  • Region 13 Project Serve Hurricane Recovery Grant
    • In conjunction with BISD, LGISD, McDade ISD, Flatonia ISD, and SISD received a grant through Region 13 & TEA to provide supplemental counseling services with the details to be worked out.
  • End of Year Breakfast June 4, 2018, 8AM, Main Cafetorium


  • Community Outdoor Outreach Program Grant of $45,910 through the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department - focusing on outdoor education, recreation and camping experiences  
    • Construction Update by PBK and Drymalla Construction
      • Time, photos, and renderings are posted on the Bond 2016 webpage
    • Graduation
      • Senior Reception in the Main Cafetorium at 6:30pm
      • Graduation Ceremony begins at 8:00pm


    Action Items:

    • Review and Approve 2018-2019 Student Code of Conduct

    1. Change 1st offense consequence for Terroristic Threat to 90 days in DAEP instead of 90 days in BCAS

    2. Change the number of days triggering General Persistent Misconduct to 12 instead of 9 for the 1st offense

    3. The addition of a behavior contract upon return from DAEP stating that violation of the contract will result in a return to DAEP immediately a. This will also entail a rewording of the language about a 2nd DAEP placement for General Persistent Misconduct

    4. Change high school bus consequences after 3rd offense. After 3rd offense high school students may be removed from the bus at principal’s discretion for the remainder of the semester.

    5. Change graduation speaking role ineligibility parameters. A student is ineligible for a speaking role in graduation ceremonies if they receive a discretionary or a mandatory DAEP placement or Expulsion at any time during their Junior or Senior years.

    6. Change language concerning “illegal knife” to “location restricted knife”

    7. Change superintendent’s name on acknowledgement page

    • Revisions - Student Code of Conduct 2018-19
      • Removed from Elementary Dress Code 
        • No designs shall be cut in the hair. 
        • Mohawks are not permitted. 
        • Fauxhawks must not exceed two inches. 
        • One straight line for parting purposes is permitted.
      • Removed from Secondary Dress Code 
        • Mohawks are not permitted. 
        • Fauxhawks must not exceed two inches. 
        • No designs shall be cut in the hair. One straight line for parting purposes is permitted. ‘Tails’ are considered design and are not allowed 
        • No unnatural hair colors are allowed. 
        • Natural Hair colors used as design are not allowed
      • Add to Secondary Dress Code  A clear, non-visible retainer will be allowed to keep nose piercings from closing. 


    Information on the construction can be found at: 2016 Bond

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