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SES Uniting Together for All

October is National Bullying Prevention Month which was created by the Pacer Center in 2011. Unity Day was developed to help communities come together and show their support against bullying by wearing or displaying the color orange everywhere. Why the color orange? This is the color commonly associated with the month of October and with safety. It provides a powerful and visual expression of solidarity.  The campaign is to help anyone that has experienced bullying to know that they are not alone and that there is help and support out there.

Smithville Elementary wore orange on October 24th to show that we unite together for kindness, acceptance, and inclusion for all our students. Our goal is to help students at Smithville Elementary understand that bullying is never an acceptable behavior and that every student knows that we are here to support each other and help everyone feel safe.

unity day unity day

Bullying is a serious threat to students safety and well-being that causes negative effects to their emotional and physical health. Here at the elementary the students learn about bullying and ways to prevent it through their character education classes. We discuss the different types of bullying and ways to prevent bullying from occurring on our campus. We teach students about our STOP IT app and how to use it so they know how to report bullying and how they can get help if they feel they are being bullied. When our students feel safe and know that they are accepted as they are, they will more be successful in school and in life. At the elementary the staff helps prevent bullying by acting as positive role models, mentoring, and showing age appropriate approaches to kindness, acceptance, and inclusion. Children watch adults and learn from our actions and language so we try to lead by example and reach out to the students that are struggling with social skills and teach them appropriate behavior.

unity day unity day

Visit the website for more information and find ways that the community can get involved in helping spread the knowledge about bullying prevention.

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