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Lice Resource Page

Smithville ISD does not support a "no-nit" policy.
DSHS is not alone in their stance against strict “no-nit” policies. A panel of scientists and public health professionals convened at the Harvard School of Public Health to discuss issues related to increased evidence of head lice resistance to certain pediculicides. The panel published a consensus report with suggestions for treatment and prevention of head lice based on their findings. In regards to “no-nit” policies, the report states that “there is little evidence that exclusion from school reduces transmission of lice. No other minor medical condition warrants school exclusion. Conversely, children with more morbid, communicable disorders (i.e. viral URI’s, tinea capitis) are routinely allowed to remain in class. Therefore, confirmation of a louse infestation does not warrant exclusion, but does require treatment. The “no-nit” policy is not in the best interest of the child, the family or the school.” 
SISD School Nurse will notify all parents/guardians of a particular classroom if a case of lice is found in the classroom.
Below is handouts about lice that can be printed from your computer for you to use as needed.