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District Departments » Maintenance & Transportation » Triptracker Field Trip Software: Reserving a bus or van

Triptracker Field Trip Software: Reserving a bus or van

Triptracker is the Transportation Department's bus or van booking application for your field trip. To access Triptracker go to the Smithville ISD website and click on Staff in upper left corner. This is the Staff Resources section of the district website and it requires a login*.

Bus or Vehicle Reservations: Triptracker Field Trip Software

  • To begin, click on "Request a Trip" in the upper left corner.
  • All requests must be made at least 5 school days in advance.

How to Login - User ID AND Password are the first letter of first name and your full last name IN CAPITAL LETTERS.
Password: LKIRKBY

After your request is received, your trip will be put on the schedule. About a week before your trip you will receive an email with your vehicle assignment.

For Your Field Trip: You are required to record your starting and ending mileage and email that information to [email protected] upon completion of your trip. The mileage may also be entered in the book located in the vehicle, but you must also send that information via email. Accurate mileage is required for billing and reporting.

The Transportation Department makes every effort to have your assigned vehicle fueled and ready for your field trip at the time you requested. If you need to pick up your district vehicle earlier than is listed in your request, please put that time on your request as your leave time.

*If you did not receive your District Staff Resources website login when you were hired please contact Technology at [email protected].