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SISD Salary Schedule & Benefits Overview

Jennifer Jaeger, Benefits & Payroll Coordinator


Approved Salary Schedules for the 2020-2022 school year are available for download, below. The PDF file contains schedules for the following trades:
- teacher, librarian, counselor, nurse (including band and coaching extra-duty salaries)
- administrative and professional
- clerical, paraprofessional
- manual trades

The Benefits HUB - SISD Benefits Overview for 2019-2020

Instant Access to Your Employee Benefits

  • TRS Active Care Health Insurance

- SISD’s monthly contribution $303
- State monthly contribution $75
- Click to download a comparison between 2018-2019 and 2019-2020 Insurance Rates

  • Supplemental Benefits provided by Financial Benefit Services, LLC
  •  $10,000 Life Insurance policy on all eligible employees
  • Leave Days accrued September 1st:

- (5) Local Sick Leave Days – maximum balance of 30 days
- (5) State Personal Leave Days – unlimited balance

  • Additional Paid Leave Days:

- (2) Bereavement Days
- (30) Extended Sick Leave Days (to be used upon depletion of all other paid leave days)

  • Unpaid Leave:

- (12) Weeks FMLA for eligible employees
- Temporary Disability Leave – 180 days maximum (SBEC Certified educators only)