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District Guidance Plan

Smithville Independent School District
Parent Involvement Plan – 2011
Reviewed May 2011

Parent Involvement Policy
Smithville ISD

Statement of Purpose

Goal VII of the Smithville ISD District Improvement Plan states: The district will involve parents as active partners in the education of their children.

Parent involvement (as defined by the National PTA) is the participation of parents in every facet of the education and development of children from birth to adulthood, recognizing that parents are the primary influence in their children’s lives. Parent involvement takes many forms, including parents’ shared responsibilities in decisions about their children’s education, health and well-being, as well as parent’s participation in organizations that reflect the community’s collaborative aspirations for all children. Parents help their children have success in school by daily…encouraging, listening, monitoring, praising, reacting and discussing, not necessarily “teaching” school subjects.

Involvement should not be limited to volunteering or attending school-sponsored events. The broad view of involvement affirms the parent’s role as the child’s primary teacher and the home as the child’s first classroom (Barbour, 1966). Involving every family in a child’s education is an important piece of improving that child’s learning, according to research by Joyce Epstein, director of the Center for School, Family, and Community Partnerships at John Hopkins University in Baltimore.

Parent involvement in Developing District Policy

Parents, members of the community, teachers, and principals will meet to develop our school district’s parent involvement policy.

Current District Involvement Strategies and Activities:
  1. Parents are members of the district site-based decision-making committee.
  2. Annual meetings are held at each campus explaining Title I and Title I programs at that campus.
  3. Parents are members of the Student Health Advisory Committee.
  4. Parents and district staff are surveyed for feedback on the current state of parent involvement in our district and at their campus.
  5. Appropriate funds for reasonable parent involvement activities will be budgeted.
  6. A memorandum of understanding with the Head Start program is in place.
  7. The state assessment schedule is posted on the website of each campus.
  8. A brochure, available in English and Spanish, explaining Title I and Title I programs in the district and at each campus, is sent to parents.
  9. A hard copy and/or electronic version of the student handbook is provided to all students.
  10. Access to e-mail addresses of teachers is available through the district web site.
  11. Individualized access to additional classroom content is available through the district and campus web sites.
  12. Information for parents, including student activities, district and campus improvement plans, and accountability reports, is updated on the district web site on a regular basis.
  13. Parents are offered access to their child’s grades through “Parent Connection” on the district web site.
  14. Parent involvement newsletters that share ideas with parents on dealing with various issues with their child are posted on the district web site.
  15. The Superintendent’s office furnishes a “Weekly Activities Bulletin” to all campuses.
  16. The Helping Hands Mentoring Program utilizes community members as mentors to students.
  17. Each campus hosts an open house night in the fall and spring.
  18. Teachers have planned conference times to meet with or call parents during the school day.

Title I Parent – School Compact

Dear Parent(s) or Guardian(s):

Title I programs are federally funded programs under the Elementary Secondary Education Act, which provide instructional services to students who are at-risk of not meeting the State’s standards for student performance. Brown Primary School, Smithville Elementary School, Smithville Junior High School, and Smithville High School qualify for school-wide programs. These campuses have programs in place to assist students in improving student achievement. Since these campuses are school-wide projects, all students can be served on a “needs” basis without any other qualifications needed for services.
A requirement of Title I projects is the signing of a “parent-school compact” which is an agreement between the school, the parent, and the student. The purpose is to provide a quality education for every child through a clear understanding of the responsibilities of each party in the education of the child. The compact outlines the responsibilities of these stakeholders. Parents are asked to sign and return this parent-school compact indicating their acceptance of the responsibilities toward the education of their child. Students are also asked to sign, indicating acceptance of their responsibilities in their own education. An administrator from each campus will sign the compact as well and the compact will be kept on file at the campus.

Queridos Padres de Smithville ISD:

Los programa del Titulo I son Programas de fondos federales bajo el Elementary Seconday Education Act que proveea servicios instrucionales para los estudiantes que estan en riesgo de no satisfacer los criterios para lograr exito. Las escuelas Brown Primary, Smithville Elementary, Smithville Junior High, y Smithville High School califican para estos programas. Estas escuelas ya tienen programas para asistir a los estudiantes para que tegan exito escolar. Como estos son proyectos para servir a todos los estudiantes en la escuela, cada estudiante puede ser servido sin tener las calificaciones necesitados de los servicios.
Un reqisito de los proyectos del Titulo I es que los padres firmen un “El Pacto Padre-Escuela” que es un acuerdo entre las escuela y los padres. Este pacto indica las responsabilidades de la escuela y de los padres. El proposito es a suministrar una educación de callidad para cado nino a travesde una compression de cada parte para la educacion de cada nino. Se le pide a los padres que firmen y que entreguen esta forma que indica la aceptacion de las responsabilidades hacia la educación de su hijo/hija. Un administrador de cada campus firmará el compacto también y el compacto será guardado en el archivo en el campus. Un administrador de cada escuela firmará el compacto también y el compacto será guardado en el archivo en la escuela.

Student name ________________


We provide this compact at Smithville ISD to ensure that parents, teachers, and students are aware of the expectations of each group in order that we can assure all students a productive and quality education.

As a parent/guardian I pledge to:
  • Provide a quiet place to do homework
  • Set aside a specific time to do homework
  • Have a study area that is well-lit and well-stocked with pencils, pens, paper, dictionary, rulers, markers, glue, etc.
  • Look over homework assignments to check for understanding
  • Be ready to help
  • Sign all papers that require a parent’s or guardian’s signature
  • Encourage positive attitudes toward school
  • Require regular school attendance of my child
  • Attend parent-teacher conferences
Parent/guardian signature ___________________________ Date: _____________

As a staff member I pledge to:
  • Provide quality teaching and leadership
  • Assign homework appropriately
  • Coordinate with other programs to ensure that nightly assignments are feasible
  • Give helpful feedback
  • Recognize that students are accountable for every assignment
  • Check that assignments have been completed
  • Respect cultural, racial, and ethnic differences
  • Hold parent teacher conferences when necessary
Staff signature ____________________________________ Date: ____________

As a student I pledge to:

  • Ask teachers questions about assignments that I am unsure of
  • Take home materials and information needed to complete the assignments
  • Complete homework in a thorough, legible, and timely manner
  • Return homework on time
  • Comply with school rules and regulations
  • Attend school regularly
  • Respect the personal rights and property of others

Student signature ________________________________ Date: _____________


Campus Administrator

Smithville ISD

Nombre de Estudiante: _______________________

Nosotros proveemos este compacto en la Escuela de Smithville ISD para asegurar que los padres, maestros y estudiantes estan alertos de lo que se espera de cada grupo para poder asegurar a todos los estudiantes una educacion productiva y con calidad.

Como un padre/guarda, Yo prometo a:
  • Proveer un lugar tranquilo para hacer la tarea
  • Apartar un tiempo especifico para hacer la tarea
  • Tener una area bien preparado y bien equipado con lapizes, plumas, papel, diccionario, reglas, marcadores, pegadura, etc.
  • Revisar las asignaciones de tarea para explicar cuando sea necesario
  • Estar listo(a) para ayudar
  • Firmar todos los papeles que requieren firma del padre/guardian
  • Animar actitud positiva hacia la escuela
  • Requirir atendencia regular de mi hijo(a)
  • Atender conferencias de padre con maestros
Firma del padre/guarda ____________________________ Fecha: _________________

Como miembro del directivo escolar, Yo prometo a:
  • Proveer ensenansas y direccion con calidad
  • Asignar tarea apropiadamente
  • Coordinar con otros programas para asegurar que las asignaciones diarias sean possible
  • Dar revisos que ayuden
  • Reconocer que estudiantes son responsables de cada asignacion
  • Revisar que cada asignacion este completa
  • Respetar las diferencias en cultura, racial, y etnico
  • Tener conferencias de padre a maestros cuando sea necesario

Firma del directivo escolar __________________________ Fecha: __________________

Como estudiante, Yo prometo a:
  • Hacer preguntas sobre asignaciones que no entienda
  • Llevar a casa el material y informacion necesaria para completar asignaciones
  • Completar tarea en una forma total, legible, y oportuno
  • Entregar tarea a tiempo
  • Cumplir con las reglas y regulamentols de la escuela
  • Atender la escuela regularment
  • Respetar los derechos y propiedades personales de otros
Firma del estudiante ______________________________ Fecha: __________________


Campus Administrator, Smithville ISD

Staff/Parent Communications

Information is sent home with children periodically. Phone calls, conferences, and home visits will be made as needed. Parents are encouraged to take the initiative in contacting their child’s teacher when they are concerned about their child’s education. They may also call the school office and ask for a translator for a conference.

Annual Meeting for Title I programs

Annual meetings are held at each campus providing parents with the guidelines regarding Title I and the various programs funded through this program. Parents will be given the opportunity to have input on the parental involvement policy. These meetings will be publicized through lines of communication established at each campus. Title I information and educational opportunities are also sent to homes annually at the beginning of each school year.