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Smithville Independent School District implemented a character education curriculum in the 1997-98 school year. The goal of the curriculum is to prepare students to become productive members of a democratic society. We believe that our democracy is based on the assumption that the character traits listed below are accepted values, and that all individuals can demonstrate personal and social accountability. The following character traits will be modeled by teachers and integrated into the curriculum across all grade levels and subjects.

(fair and equitable behavior)

Character Traits by Month

September: Honesty (trustworthiness, fairness, and straightforwardness of conduct.)
October: Responsibility (moral, legal, and mental accountability for choices)
November: Compassion (empathy and respect for others)
December: Perseverance (perseverance while encountering negative influences)
January: Loyalty (the need to establish personal and career relationships based on positive ethical principles)
February: Justice (fair and equitable behavior)
March: Self-Reliance (belief in one's own self-worth and the ability to rely on one's strengths)
April: Self-Discipline (positive patterns of behavior and the strength of mental and moral courage to accomplish tasks, manage time, and relate effectively with others)
May: Integrity (adherence to a code of conduct)