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FAQs - Parents & Students

Smithville ISD Home Learning

FAQs about SISD School Closure





Q: Will the buildings receive a deep clean during the closure?

A: Yes. All campuses and other buildings received a deep clean and disinfectant.


Q: What is being done to protect our custodial and food service staff?

A: We are communicating regularly with our outsourced partners, and they continue to     provide assurances they are taking precautions to protect their employees using guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and local and state health authorities.


Q: What procedures will be in place for staff and others who have to come on to campus during the closure?

A: SISD is doing everything possible to work “virtually”. For essential personnel who have been notified to report, SISD will act according to our local and state health authorities’ guidance and direction, including checking for temperature and other symptoms.


Q: What kind of communication/education will be given to parents on best health practices during this time of heightened awareness?

A: We will continue to remind everyone of this guidance, but at this time it is the responsibility of all parents and staff to stay updated and informed about the guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and local/state health authorities.


Q: What documentation will be required regarding travel during the closure?

A: Until such time as we get closer to the reopening of schools, we are not requesting or requiring travel information. We encourage all those who have traveled to act in accordance with the travel guidelines published by the Centers for Disease Control.


Q: Upon returning to school, can there be a sanitizing/washing hands procedure for all students and staff?

A: Yes. There has been and will continue to be guidance provided to the campuses encouraging all teachers, staff and students to follow proper hygiene. All restrooms are being fully restocked over the break with hand washing supplies.

Teachers classrooms will have disinfectant wipes. 

Q: How will we treat any positive tests for staff and students?

A: As required by law, SISD will adhere to our local and state health authorities’ guidance and direction.


Q: What is Germ Blast?

A: GermBlast is an environmentally safe disinfection service that kills 99.999% of harmful organisms in your environment. The primary disinfectant used in our GermBlast process is the greenest and safest on the market. All of the products we use are registered with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and are approved for contact surfaces. We are dedicated to giving you a green clean that removes virtually all contagions from your home, school, church, daycare center, healthcare facility, and business.





Q: What is the plan for providing meals for children?

A: SISD will provide curbside pick-up of breakfast and lunch each weekday during school closure to any child in the community age 18 and under.


Q: Is there a cost for meals?

A: No. During this closure, all breakfast and lunch meals will be free to all children 18 and under regardless of income eligibility.


Q: What are the locations and hours for meals?

A: Breakfast and lunch will be provided for children age 18 and under at the following locations:

  • Brown Primary - Circle drive in front of school
  • Smithville Elementary - Cafeteria loading dock on Bishop Street

The hours for pick-up are 11:00 am to 12:30 pm.

Breakfast and lunch will be provided.


Q: Are students who attend Tiger Academy or the DAEP allowed to be on campus to obtain breakfast and lunch?

A: Yes. During this closure, all students are eligible to pick up breakfast and lunch each day.


Q: Do children have to be present to receive a meal?

A: Yes. Meals will be provided only to children age 18 and under who are present to receive them.



Q: Will meals be provided to adults?

A: No. Federal guidelines do not allow us to provide meals for adults. We encourage families who need food assistance to reach out to the Smithville Food Pantry at 301 Lee Street (Open on Wednesdays 9 am - 11:30 am) or by calling 512-237-2322 OR the Bastrop County Emergency Food Pantry at or by calling 512-303-0033.


Q: Will children be able to eat in the school cafeteria or other school location?

A: No. In the interest of public health and safety, meals will only be available for pick-up.


Q: Are volunteers needed to assist with curbside pick-up of meals?

A: At this time, we are not requiring or asking any assistance of teachers and staff with meal pick-up at the curb. If this becomes a need, we will reach out at that time. Thank you to all who have offered!





Q: Will SISD be providing learning resources for students while the district is closed due to the coronavirus?

A: Yes. Plans are being created and will be communicated to ASAP.


Q: How will we get print materials to students who cannot access electronic instruction?

A: For this first week, SISD has selected online resources that can more easily be accessed on a Smartphone. SISD is currently considering print materials to be made available. More details to come.


Q: How will learning at home work for students served through special education and for students who need accommodations in general education classes?

A: For some students who receive adapted curriculum through Special Education, a platform called Unique Learning Systems will be available for educational opportunities. Additional instructions for accessing the program with your child will be sent to families as needed. The administrative team, along with Special Programs & Services staff, are working on plans to meet the needs of all students, including those with Individualized Education Plans. Additional communication about instructional resources and access will be made available at a later time as those plans are developed.


Q: Will SISD provide any assistance to families without internet access?

A: SISD is exploring all options to ensure that all students have the opportunity to learn while they are at home during this unexpected closure. At this time, we are aware of the following resources:

  • Spectrum 844-488-8395. Providing free broadband and WiFi for 60 days plus free installation for non-Spectrum households with a K-12 or college student at home. Also opening WiFi hotspots for public use.
  • Xfinity hotspots are available free for anyone who needs them. A list of public hotspots is available at
  • AT&T is waiving home internet data caps during the closure.
  • T-Mobile is removing data caps for cellular customers during the closure.
  • Families must contact providers directly.


Q: What is the latest information from ACC concerning dual credit courses.

A: SISD is waiting on guidance from ACC.


Q: Will devices be made available to students, and how will they be allocated?

A: SISD is trying to determine need and availability.


Q: What is the status of previously scheduled field trips and ceremonies?

A: During the time of school closure, all events remain cancelled. Any future trips or ceremonies outside of the closure window will be handled under the guidance of our local health authority for social gatherings.


Q: Will there be any changes to April 10 and April 17 on the school calendar, which are currently staff/student holidays?

A: There are no modifications to the school calendar being considered at this time.


Q: How will students obtain medication that is kept at the school for them?

A: SISD is working on a schedule for nurses/nurse assistant to be on campuses and will reach out to students who have medication at school to arrange for pick up.


Q: Will seniors (whether retesters or first-time testers) who need to take an End of Course exam be prevented from graduating if they are unable to take the exam prior to the end of the school year?

A: The Texas Education Agency has authorized districts to use the Individual Graduation Committee (IGC) protocol to consider whether or not students in this position have fulfilled graduation requirements and should graduate under alternate requirements.


Q: Will there be an extension for TELPAS testing?

A: We are awaiting further guidance from the Texas Education Agency based on the agency’s waiver request submitted to the US Department of Education.


Q: Will the AP testing window be extended?

A: Refer to the website and select Coronavirus Update.


Q: For seniors in credit recovery who need to fulfill graduation requirements, can we allow them to work from home including tests and quizzes?

A: Yes. We are currently working on a remote learning plan.


Q: Will students scheduled to take an EOC between now and the end of the school year have to take that EOC next year?

A: It is our understanding at this time that a special exception or plan will be made for students in this situation. We will provide additional information as we receive guidance from the Texas Education Agency


Q: Will students who are missing school due to closure be denied promotion to the next grade?

A: Students will not be held accountable for attendance during the time the district was closed for coronavirus.


Q: What happens to the speech therapy program for PPCD/3-year-olds?

A: We are currently working on a plan for this and will contact parents who have students involved in this program.


Q: Will we be able to schedule virtual ARD meetings?

A: We have developed a plan for virtual ARD meetings to review all initial evaluations. All other ARD meetings are on hold until we receive further guidance.