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District Departments » State & Federal Programs » McKinney-Vento/Homeless


Students who are determined to be homeless are served under the McKinney-Vento Act. Qualification for homeless services is determined by information gathered on the Student Residency Questionnaire which is filled out during the registration process. In Smithville ISD those services are coordinated by the Director of State & Federal Programs.


Contact Information


Dr. Bethany Logan

Smithville ISD Central Administration Building

901 NE 6th Street

Smithville, TX 78957

(512) 237-2487 x 7270

[email protected]


Homeless – Programs & Resources


School Resources


District Homeless Coordinator:                                         Smithville High School Counselor:

Dr. Bethany Logan                                                                      Reena Reese

512-237-2487 x 7270                                                             512-237-2451 x 6097

[email protected]                                                      [email protected]


Smithville Junior High Counselor:                                     Smithville Elementary Counselor:

Jennifer Edwards                                                                         Raven Behrens

512-237-2407 x 5097                                                             512-237-2406 x 4097

[email protected]                                                   [email protected]


Brown Primary Counselor:                                                Transportation Department:  

Raven Behrens                                                                             Zack Harris

512-237-2519 x 3097                                                             512=237-2487 x 7171

[email protected]                                                   [email protected]


Child Nutrition Department:                                              Migrant Programs:

Candy Biehle                                                                               Dr. Bethany Logan

512-237-5646 x 7895                                                             512-237-2487 x 7270

[email protected]                                                     [email protected]


Community Resources


Smithville Food Pantry:                                                         Born Again Emporium Thrift Store:

107 SW 2nd Street                                                                200 NW Loop 230

Smithville, TX 78957                                                             Smithville, TX 78957

512-237-2322                                                                        512-237-2060

[email protected]


Smithville Community Clinic:                                            Smithville Ministerial Alliance:

300 Lynch Street                                                                      308 Byrne Street

Smithville, TX 78957                                                              Smithville, TX 78957

512-237-2772                                                                           512-237-2108

[email protected]

(Free healthcare clinic available                                         Helping Hands of Hope

Saturdays 8:00 am-1:00 pm)                                              (Diapers, clothes, baby items)

                                                                                                             206 NE 6th Street

                                                                                                             Smithville, TX  78957