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TIGER Award 2018-2019

Smithville ISD

Tigers Intentionally Growing Excellence Recognition



Smithville ISD is excited to continue the Tigers Intentionally Growing Excellence Recognition awards for the 2018-2019 school year. 


Building on the 2018-2019 district theme of Service to Others, The TIGER award is designed to recognize staff who demonstrate they are ‘serving others’ in their field.  Employees who are recognized are those who go above and beyond the required actions of their assignment with the district.


All Smithville ISD employees may submit nominations for consideration of the TIGER award each six weeks. 


Please note: Nominees will remain active so nominating a particular employee twice throughout the year is not necessary.


Nomination Deadlines

1st Six Weeks: Friday, September 28, 2018

2nd Six Weeks: Friday, November 2, 2018

3rd Six Weeks: Friday, November 30, 2018

4th Six Weeks: Thursday, February 14, 2019

5th Six Weeks: Friday, April 12, 2019

6th Six Weeks: Friday, May 17, 2019

Click here to submit a nomination: Tiger Award Nomination Form
3rd Six Weeks TIGER Award Recipients
Marlene Davis Tiger Award Recipient 
Marlene Davis
Smithville High School

Marlene is dedicated to making sure our school runs smoothly.  Taking care of the budget and making sure all classes are covered when teachers are out.  Graduation isn’t just in May.  Planning and ordering has already begun.  Insuring diplomas are ordered for each graduate with correct spelling, scheduling Herff Jones for seniors as well as Juniors for class rings.  She’s a big sister to all of us.









Deborah Rose TIGER Award


Deborah Rose

Brown Primary School


Deborah serves others b taking care of staff members as well as students and parents.  She is the school nurse that applied for the grant, “Shoes that Fit”.  She coordinated the big event supplying shoes for the SISD students on all four campuses.  She also offers immunizations for all students who are eligible to receive flu shots. She is an active member of the District Site Base Committee and the Student Health Advisory Committee.







Charles Duncan TIGER Award Recipient 

Charles Duncan

Smithville ISD Maintenance Department

Always cheerful and easy to relate to. What he accomplishes at Brown Primary is amazing, especially on his own. Not many would be able to handle the rigors day in and day out at this campus. He never complains. Rarely needs assistance and so well liked by all, including the students who are always calling him by name when they see him. During the summer break Charles works alongside with the other maintenance guys and does whatever is asked. Good comments about him are often received at this time from the crew. We can always count on him to attend to matters at Brown even during emergencies after hours, and at other campuses if need be.







Kristi Sandoval TIGER Award Recipient

Kristi Sandoval

Smithville Elementary


Kristi has been an absolute blessing this year.  She is very organized, patient, and always willing to help.  She took on a huge responsibility helping 3 teachers that have never taught ELA before.  She always has a positive attitude and smile on her face.  Kristi is a team player, and I am so thankful to be teaching with her!









 Travis Kearns TIGER Award Recipient

Travis Kearns

Smithville Junior High


Mr. Kearns works in the Shared Services Arrangement.  He has a passion for children that is evident in the way he talks to them and teaches them.  He is patient, yet firm with the students.  His love for the Destination Imagination program prompted him to start DI at Smithville Junior High.  Last year he only took one team to the district level, but this year there are four teams.









2nd Six Weeks TIGER Award Recipients
recipients of TIGER Award 
Chad Brooks
Smithville ISD Maintenance Department
Chad has shown amazing service to others within his role. Many mornings he sits with one of the elementary students and has worked to build a strong relationship. He also fixed a bike for one of the students, which is well beyond the call of duty. Chad has shown true Tiger Pride and we appreciate his service to our district.

recipient of tiger award
Deana Seidel
Smithville High School
Deana is so AWESOME!!! You can find her in her classroom EVERYDAY during her conference tutoring the Calculus students. She even stays after school and works with them longer if they still need help. She is in charge of Robotics and puts her heart into it. Deana has made every effort to welcome a new staff member and help with anything needed. She is also in charge of the entire Math department. She has an attitude that "Whatever it Takes", she will make sure it gets done. It wouldn't be the same without her.



recipients of Tiger Award 
Sheri Holder
Brown Primary School

Sheri enjoys working with children and it shows. She is a person who arrives early and stays late for children. Sheri has taken on greater responsibilities at Brown Primary and through the Booster Club which is demonstration of her dedication. Sheri doesn't have to say she is dedicated; it shows.











recipient of Tiger Award

Stetson Gommert

Smithville Junior High


Stetson Gommert is an excellent teacher. He prepares to educate every student in his class and will go to extra lengths to see that each student succeeds. Stetson uses a variety of formats to ensure that his students grasp what is being taught. He is one of the most creative teachers that I have ever seen.









recipient of tiger award 

Sara Peterson

Smithville Elementary School


Sara seamlessly works with our team, students, and administrators to serve our students. She is supportive, takes the initiative, and is always ready to assist our team when needed. Recently, she made a series of videos to better support those of us in need of seeing SAMA in action. She is always there and willing to help others. 

1st Six Weeks TIGER Award Recipients

Cindy Davis

Brown Primary School


Cindy is vital member of the Brown Primary team.  She goes above and beyond to help teachers and staff in any way she can, whether it is copying materials, laminating, or even cutting out materials for staff when she gets a chance.  She always jumps in and helps whenever and wherever needed.  Cindy brings a lighthearted sense of humor to the office and has made new staff feel at home.  She cares for everyone and puts her whole heart into everything that she does.  Brown Primary is a better place because of Cindy Davis.







Ashley Birnbaum

Ashley Birnbaum

Smithville Elementary School 


Ashley works with several students on the campus who struggle academically and socially. She is constantly on the move going from one student to the other. She is also the resource for teachers when a student is having a difficult time with their behavior in class. She talks, sits, or walks them around to cool off and helps them to make better choices. She has built relationships with students on the campus that others have not been able to. The students trust and love her. Ashley is also very supportive of all the campus staff. She volunteers to help whenever she can. We don't know if we could make it through the day if we didn't have her constant positive support!






Vikkie Goode

Vikki Goode

Smithville Junior High School

Vikki is hard working. She helps when asked. Whether it’s in the office with folders or in a classroom helping with various tasks she looks out for her students and is there for them if needed. She is supportive to the teachers and students. She also works with the ACE students before and after school.











Kevin Mahoney

Kevin Mahoney

Smithville High School


As a new employee I have had a great opportunity to jump in to an existing functional academics team that is operating at such a high level due to the leadership of Mr. Mahoney. He demonstrates creatively delivering individualized instruction in such an engaging manner in addition to modeling and leading the Functional Academics team to be independent contributors to not only student success but our momentum as a whole team. Mr. Mahoney thinks outside the box, responds in refreshing ways with new solutions to challenges, and is hands on and only asks his team to complete tasks that he would do himself.  One of his greatest skills is empowering peers to tweak ideas and add their own unique talents to make positive outcomes happen.






Dustin Miller  

Dustin Miller 

Smithville ISD Maintenance Department


He goes above and beyond to get work orders done in a timely manner.  He also comes up on weekends and fixes anything that is broken for the coaches while there is a tournament or game going on.  He definitely goes out of his way to make sure everything is done right and our students are comfortable and safe here at school.