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Peachjar E-Flyers

Smithville ISD is pleased to announce the implementation of Peachjar, an innovative flyer management system that sends district- and school-approved digital flyers directly to parents via email.  This ‘green’ initiative will save paper and reduce copy costs for our schools and community partners.


Peachjar digital flyer image


By default, all parents are opted-in to the system.  No action is required, provided parent email contact information is up to date with their child's school.  If parents have children in more than one school, parents will automatically receive digital flyers from each campus.  As with most email delivery platforms, parents have the option to unsubscribe from the Peachjar service.  However, parents should keep in mind that by opting out, they may miss information and announcements pertaining to their child and his/her school events.


​Peachjar will be used exclusively for the electronic distribution of district- and school-approved flyers.  Parent email address will not be shared or used for any other purpose.


Flyers will also be posted on each campus website. Parents can easily find and view e-flyers and take immediate action to sign up for activities and events. Additionally, parents can forward e-flyers to friends and share them on social media to boost participation.

Parents will receive emails in the coming weeks 
Peachjar for Parents

Peachjar is an innovative flyer management system that sends school-approved digital flyers directly to parents' inboxes! Think of the Peachjar system as an electronic backpack for parents! This “green” initiative will save our schools tons of paper and reduce copy costs by thousands of dollars.


Now, parents can easily find, view flyers, and take action immediately to sign up for activities and events.


If you haven’t received your Peachjar account set up e-mail from the district you can register an account on Peachjar to start receiving e-flyers from your school.

Peachjar for Businesses

Because paper flyers will no longer be distributed, you must register an account with Peachjar for digital flyer delivery. Peachjar charges a fee for utilizing this service. You may upload your flyer for distribution to your desired school(s). As a “Community Organization”, you will have access to metrics not previously available.


After your flyer has been submitted, it will be routed automatically to the school district office for approval, then emailed as a visually engaging image to all parents who have their email address on file in the district, for the school(s) you select.


Learn More or for Help Uploading your Digital flyer.


Please contact the Smithville ISD Communications Office at (512) 237-2487 with any additional questions.