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SISD 2019 Retirees

Congratulations to our Retirees!
Andy Bang

Andy Bang – Transportation Department


Andy served 14 years as a driver for the transportation department. 

Andy says that he has enjoyed watching the kids who ride his bus grow up.  From being Pre-K kids to SHS graduates…and then seeing them working in the community.  They change so much over the years. 

It’s nice to have played a part in their education – even if it was just getting them to, and home, from school safely every day.

He does admit that he will miss ‘most’ of the kids J and adds the advice to ‘take time to greet your students every day – it makes a difference in how they see you.’

Andy added that he is looking forward to sleeping past 4:30 a.m. – especially on the cold and rainy days.




Darold Dubose   

Darold Dubose – Transportation Department


Darold began working for Smithville ISD as a van driver.  He volunteered to be a bus driver since he had his CDL certification.  He did this when Zack was having a hard time finding a full time bus driver. 


We appreciate that Darold was always looking out for the safety of our students that rode his bus.














Caren Hannusch
Caren Hannusch – Brown Primary


Caren has served ALL 29 years of her career in Smithville ISD!

She served 24 years at a 3rd grade teacher at SES and the past 5 as a 2nd grade teacher at BP.  Caren’s experiences have included inclusion, team leader, UIL coach, summer school, and the After School Program. 

Caren appreciates the fact that in education there is new learning every day for both the teacher and the student. She wants to make sure that people don’t underestimate the value of hard work.

Caren is going to miss her friends (as she refers to them as family) at all of the campuses.  She’s really going to miss spending time with the kids – they make her smile…but the relationships with the kids and the staff will always be in her heart.

Caren’s advice to all of us…enjoy the experience and laugh with the kids.

In retirement Caren looks forward to being flexible with her time.  She’s excited about getting to spend more time with her family and her kids, Jacob and Madison, have made her so proud.  Caren is excited to experience the next steps in their lives.  She is open to volunteering…and even subbing…she might even check out what it’s like on the outside of education… J

Caren leaves us with this thought: “Do things for people not because of who they are or what they do in return, but because of who you are.”

Cathy Kirby

Cathy Kirby – Smithville Elementary


Cathy has served ALL of her 16 years in Smithville ISD.  She has most recently been a Special Education Teacher at the elementary but began her career in SISD as a substitute.  She soon thereafter became a paraprofessional before earning her teaching degree. 

While serving as a teacher Cathy has worked as a Focus Redirector, Content Mastery Teacher, Inclusion teacher, 4th grade general ed teacher, and a Resource Teacher.

She appreciates working with young people…they laugh at her jokes and have kept her young.  Cathy is glad that she was able to work with struggling students even though it was tough at times because she felt she could feel their pain.

She says she’s going to miss the daily grind of teaching and leading  a group, describing objectives, engaging with the kids in what she’s poured her heart and soul in preparation for them…then watching them progress.

Cathy reminds us all to ‘always take time to laugh, joke, giggle, hoot, chuckle, snort cackle, and even gaffaw…it’s the best medicine for a bad day or week. 

She is looking forward to traveling (and even has already planned a trip to England & Scotland in Sept.). When she’s not traveling Cathy will be in her garden, taking care of her family, reading…and we look forward to seeing her back around the school volunteering.

Cathy leaves us with her favorite quote from Nelson Mandela: ‘The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.’

Sheila Del'Homme

Sheila Del’Homme – Smithville High School


Sheila has been an educator for 34 years and finishes her career after 18 years at SHS.  She most recently taught resource English, journalism, and financial math but has had a few other assignments including: NHS Advisor, CTE – computer classes, FCA Huddle Coach, UIL Accounting, UIL Computer, and has been a class sponsor…many times.

What she appreciates about education is based on her love of learning.  She loves learning from her students as well and finds the interaction between students and teachers fascinating.

Sheila says she’ll miss her teacher friends, and helping out with the many tasks at the high school.  She truly loves to help others and feels that she’s learned a lot from it.

As for advice for the rest of us…she says, ‘If you’re having trouble dealing with a student, pray, and ask God to love that kid through you.  Those students are usually the ones that become your favorites by the end of the year.

Sheila looks forward to spending more time with quilting, scrap booking, and reading the stacks of books that have been waiting for her. J

And in true Sheila style, she ads… Well…there you are now.

Jim Philpot

Jim Philpot – Tiger Academy


Jim has been an educator for 15 years and spent 14 of those years with us at SISD.  His most recent, and longest tenure, has been at the Tiger Academy.  Jim has taught math remediation, special education math, and also social studies – all at SHS.

When asked what he most appreciates about education Jim shared… June, July, and August! J  Adding…just kidding – well, sort of. J  On a serious note, Jim truly appreciates the opportunity he has been given with our students doing his best to make a difference.

Jim was straight to the point when he was asked what he would miss…interacting with my students.

He does encourage all of us continuing to work with our students to stay positive.  Thank you Jim – we will and we hope that you will enjoy the travels you have planned.

Before we let Jim go, I’d like to share his favorite quote:

“Buddha said there are 3 poisons: Hate, Ignorance, & Greed. There are 3 Antidotes: Compassion, Wisdom, & Generosity.”