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Tigers Intentionally Growing Excellence Recognition



Smithville ISD is excited to continue the Tigers Intentionally Growing Excellence Recognition awards for the 2022-2023 school year. 


Building on the theme of Service to Others, The TIGER award is designed to recognize staff who demonstrate they are ‘serving others’ in their field.  Employees who are recognized are those who go above and beyond the required actions of their assignment with the district.


All Smithville ISD employees may submit nominations for consideration of the TIGER award every nine weeks. 


Please note: Nominees will remain active so nominating a particular employee twice throughout the year is not necessary.


Nomination Deadlines

1st Nine Weeks: Friday, October 14, 2022

2nd Nine Weeks: Friday, December 9, 2022

3rd Nine Weeks: Friday, February 24, 2023

4th Nine Weeks: Friday, May 5, 2023


Click here to submit a nomination: Tiger Award Nomination Form
2022-2023 TIGER Award
1st Nine Weeks TIGER Award Recipients
Tiger Award
Mrs. Castillo is the perfect example of being all about the students.  She believes that each and every one of her students can grow by leaps and bounds and her enthusiasm for teaching and learning helps her students achieve that growth.  Mrs. Castillo steps in to help and support where she can, even if it is with students who are not in her class.  She supports teachers by helping them with donors choose projects, and supports the district by serving on the district improvement committee.  Mrs. Castillo is an amazing teacher, coworker and all around employee.  Thank you Mrs. Castillo for help your students grow and expanding you love and passion for learning across the campus.  
Tiger Award
Mrs. Lowery is constantly focused on the growth of her students and their mental wellbeing.
No one is more focused on making sure the kids are taken care of and doing okay than her.
Tiger Award
Denise always goes above and beyond to help us with whatever we need in the classroom. She is always available and answers texts and emails even on weekends and evenings. She is always calm and encouraging, she takes the time to make sure I know I am valued on my campus. She is a master when it comes to tech and she is willing to help us all with the various technology based programs we are using. She truly exemplifies the "servant" based approach to leadership and has made our campus a wonderful place to work.
Tiger award winners
Mrs. Otten is the HS Government/Economic teacher. She has only seniors in her classes, and anyone who has been around seniors, knows how hard it is to keep them engaged and caring about school. I have seen her engage the most checked out Senior and get them to work hard for her and actually care about the subject. Mrs. Otten is also the NHS sponsor and in charge of Senior activities at the end of each school year. Her work ethic and passion for teaching comes through every day and she is an asset to the high school campus.