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TIGER Award 2021-2022

Smithville ISD

Tigers Intentionally Growing Excellence Recognition



Smithville ISD is excited to continue the Tigers Intentionally Growing Excellence Recognition awards for the 2021-2022 school year. 


Building on the theme of Service to Others, The TIGER award is designed to recognize staff who demonstrate they are ‘serving others’ in their field.  Employees who are recognized are those who go above and beyond the required actions of their assignment with the district.


All Smithville ISD employees may submit nominations for consideration of the TIGER award every nine weeks. 


Please note: Nominees will remain active so nominating a particular employee twice throughout the year is not necessary.


Nomination Deadlines

1st Nine Weeks: Friday, October 1, 2020

2nd Nine Weeks: Friday, December 10, 2021

3rd Nine Weeks: Friday, February 25, 2022

4th Nine Weeks: Friday, May 6, 2022


Click here to submit a nomination: Tiger Award Nomination Form
4th Nine Weeks TIGER Award Recipients
Raven Behrens


Mrs. Behrens wears so many different hats at two different campuses. She works with every single student, Pre-K through 2nd grade through our PLC rotation. The students have the utmost respect for Mrs. Behrens and they adore her. Teachers call on her for various things at any given moment because they know she will get the job done no matter what. She cares deeply about every student, but also the staff at each campus.


Ashley Cooper

Not enough can be said on how much Mrs. Cooper is meant to be a teacher. She is always willing to help a fellow staff member and jump in whenever she is needed, no questions asked. She works hard to help her class achieve what it is that needs achieving. She works hard to make sure that all her class' needs are met all while creating a safe and calm classroom.

Jennifer Peterson

Jennifer Peterson has made the Junior High Library a welcoming, exciting and inviting space. It's always fun to go in and see what clever and informative display she has created, what contest she has implemented to encourage creative thinking, or be surprised by what she has done/made to foster community. She puts a lot of time, thought and effort into everything she does, whether it is a regular duty, or

an extra duty.

Megan Hancock

A huge shout out to Mrs. Hancock!!You ask that whomever we nominate "serve others" and LET ME TELL YOU... Megan Hancock serves others. She gives ALL of her time- She teaches her classes, and coaches cheer, and does ALL of the signs, and picks up the slack with cheerleading tasks when her girls don't show up, and she organizes pep rallies and Homecoming events, and she is giving 15 hour days to Prom. I have never seen a coworker dedicate so much of her entire being to teaching. I have no idea how she does it. She is the hardest worker I think I have EVER seen and I don't think she gets half of the recognition she deserves.

James Dickson

Jim is always willing to help, even without asking. He knows what needs to be done when others are not at work. He accepts all tasks willingly with a great attitude. Somehow he is able to accomplish his job duties and help in other maintenance areas. His calm manner is a big plus when talking with other staff members, teachers, to help them with the problem they are having in their classroom. He helps cover van routes, mow grass, take calls after hours, checks on HVAC issues constantly. Jim makes a big difference here at SISD.

3rd Nine Weeks TIGER Award Recipients
Kaileigh Gibson

Kaileigh Gibson is a true asset to the Brown Primary campus.  Her passion for teaching children and developing character and kindness in our students is truly outstanding and we are so lucky to have her. She took it upon herself to organize and facilitate a canned food drive for both the Brown Primary and Elementary campuses this year.  She did this on top of the effort it takes to be a first year kindergarten teacher and all of the learning/planning that comes with that.  Kaleigh puts her heart and soul into everything she does at BP and we are so thankful for her!  

Crystal Saffel

Crystal Saffel brings a level of creativity and energy to her lesson plans that sets an example for all teachers.  We’ve had some students that require extra love, support and patience, and on a daily basis, she’s gone above and beyond to provide that to our kiddos.  I think anyone can serve, but it’s her positive attitude that sets her apart and makes her a very deserving candidate for this award. I am thankful SISD has her on our team and thankful my kiddos get to experience and learn from such an awesome person.

Christie Mick

Christie Mick: Christie’s nomination came from a new staff member who states: “I am fairly new to this whole teaching thing and Christie has made it so easy for me. I see her always striving to make sure we teachers get what we need. She is such a powerful force to have on campus and I don't think we'd be able to function without her.

Lacey Schwanke

Mrs. Schwanke is a positive influence on our campus working as a mentor to enact a positive change on our campus working tirelessly to be the best she can. She is an educator that we should all strive to be as a caring and dedicated teacher that goes above and beyond for every student she can. She is engaging and manages to build great relationships with her students all while challenging them to grow in her class. Mrs. Schwanke is a prime example of what serving others means and deserves all of the acknowledgment and recognition that we as employees of SISD could give her.

Joaguin Muna

Joaquin Muna has worked with SISD in the transportation department for many years and is someone we can always count on.  Joaquin’s nomination came from a fellow bus driver who stated, “Joaquin washes and cleans all of our buses, van, and suvs.  He makes sure they are ready to go out on daily routes and extracurricular trips. He always has a smile on his face and we thank you for all your hard work -- we really appreciate you!

2nd Nine Weeks TIGER Award Recipients
B. Sampson
Mrs. Sampson is such an important part of the Brown Primary team.  She jumps in and helps out whenever and wherever she is needed.  Normally Bridget works hard to help our inclusion students and teaches a small group during intervention time.  She has even jumped over to SES to help out a time or two when we have been in a pinch. Thanks, Bridget for always jumping in to help, loving our kiddos, and helping our staff.

C. Willaims

Mrs. Williams runs on Energizer batteries as she is a non-stop counseling wonder woman. She does a tremendous job of teaching students to deal with big emotions and problems, and follows up with them frequently to check-in.  Whether it's a helping hand, a pep talk, advice, a shoulder to cry on, or even becoming a ghostbuster, Cory is your girl. SES would not be the same without Mrs. Williams.  Thank you for helping to make SES the best that it can be!

K. HendrixMrs. Hendrix has been an absolute blessing through covid procedures. She always takes care of staff and kids with great empathy and friendliness. Thank you Mrs. Hendrix for the work you do, with a smile on your face, and a pep in your step.  We appreciate your enthusiasm and caring nature.


K. Mahoney

Mr. Mahoney goes above and beyond what is required. He is caring and supportive of all the students and their varied abilities. His students are challenged as their abilities permit and pushed to excel.

Mr. Mahoney gives his kids a chance to be the best they can be.

I. Martinez


Mr. Martinez comes in early to the bus lot and opens everything up for us and even starts buses (and has the AC running!). He doesn’t do this for extra pay; Isaac is just the kind of person you always hope you have as a co-worker.  Isaac is ALWAYS in a good mood, makes others laugh, and works hard to help the newcomers feel welcome.  He is helpful, kind, eager to help in ANY way, quick to volunteer,  funny, and a good friend to all of us here. He makes a mean hot sauce too!



1st Nine Weeks TIGER Award Recipients
Jaimie Kadlecek 

Jaimie, 'Coach K', is one of the most hardworking staff members at Brown Primary and Smithville Elementary.  She always has a word of praise or encouragement for our students.  She works hard to build positive relationships with all of our littles and is looked up to by all students throughout BP & SES.  Jaimie travels between BP and SES daily and takes on several extra roles at both campuses.  Whether it is planning and prepping fun activities for the kids at BP or leading the implementation the new PBIS House system at Smithville Elementary, she gives her all.  She is actively in the classrooms, in person and virtually during announcements, creating excitement among the students.  All staff can count on Coach K to jump in and help wherever she is needed. Thank you Coach K for all that you do for our students, staff, and campuses.


Kristi Sandoval


Kristi Sandoval has been instrumental in my success as an ELAR teacher. She has gone above and beyond to help me this year. I haven't taught 4th grade since 1998 and Kristi has been by my side helping me with whatever needed. She is very professional and selfless. I truly feel she epitomizes an excellent teacher who values teamwork and relationships. I'm truly grateful for her expertise and help these past 9 weeks.


Cyndee Johnson 

Cyndee Johnson is always willing to help students, school, and community.  This year she is teaching 7th grade math and is also the junior high cheer sponsor.  When things got difficult for the transportation department and they needed more drivers, Cyndee didn't hesitate to help.  She is now driving a bus route each morning before school.  Every week she also helps prepare boxed meals for families in need.  She is one of the most giving people I have ever met.  Cyndee always has a smile on her face and is a very positive and bright spot on our campus.


Brad Bass 

Brad Bass goes above and beyond to make sure his students and FFA members get more than just a "high school education". He came into the program this summer with so many ideas, goals, and a game plan to get the ag mechanics and ag department back to where it needs to be for a school our size. Many of these ideas, such as cleaning the shop, setting it up safely, having out of service equipment properly fixed or serviced, fundraising opportunities, and getting students hands-on experience sooner rather than later, came to fruition by the middle of September. He has made many community and student connections already, and has been working on projects since day one.


Sheila Wilson 

Sheila Wilson goes above and beyond each and every day to provide wonderful meals to the students and staff of Brown Primary.  At one point during the school year she was doing so all by herself.  The students often tell me how good the meals are and urge me to try it with them, which of course I do because Sheila's meals never disappoint!!  She always does a little something extra for the staff meals and has even provided all staff members with hand-scooped ice cream cones on the Friday of a particularly long week.  We are so lucky to have her at Brown Primary!