District of Innovation

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**SISD will renew the District of Innovation plan for the next 5-year period (April 2023-April 2028), exactly as it was previously written.  (Posted 11/14/22 per the 30-day requirement).  See below for details of the plan or attachment to the right.

District Site-Based Committee (public meeting) was held February 16, 2023 to discuss and vote to send the DOI plan to the Board for approval.  Board approved on February 27, 2023.

The Smithville ISD Board of Trustees adopted a resolution to consider designation to become a District of Innovation for the purpose of allowing SISD to:

  • School Start and End Date

  • Instructional Minutes/Length of Instructional Day/Early Release Days

  • Class Size Ratio

  • Teacher Certification

  • Probationary Contracts

  • Transfer Students Full Year Requirement

The plan was developed by teachers and instructional staff from throughout SISD, along with parents, and community representatives.

SISD District of Innovation-2023-2028 Approved 2.27.2023

Local Innovation Plan 2018-2023

HB 1842, of the 84th Legislative Session,

allows Texas districts to qualify as a District of Innovation.

Districts of Innovation are able to gain local control of certain operations

that are currently under the control of the Texas Education Agency.

DOI Timeline


Name                                                          Committee Position


Cheryl Burns                                       Assistant Superintendent/ Interim Superintendent

District-Wide Representative

Dr. Bethany Logan                              SJHS Principal

Tammie Hewitt                                   SES Principal

Dr. Michael Caudill                             BP Principal

Ana Murray                                         District Information Officer and Parent/Community Liaison

David Edwards                                    Federal Programs Coordinator

Julie Vacek                                          Teacher BPS

Rachel Hurst                                       Teacher BPS

Deborah Rose                                      Non-Teacher Professional, BPS

Yvonne Perry                                       Teacher SES

Brenda McEntire                                 Teacher SES

Cathy Kirby                                        Teacher SES

Jason Segel                                          Teacher SJHS

Suzanne Hart                                      Teacher, SJHS

Tessa Otten                                         Teacher SHS

Anne Seidel                                         Teacher, SHS

Paula Vinklarek                                   Non-Teaching Professional, SHS

Gwendolyn Watkins                            Community and Business Representative

April Daniels                                       Community Representative

Dr. Judy Bergeron                               Business Representative, Parent

Andra Sparks                                       Community Representative

Dianna Guzman                                  Parent

Crystal Roberts                                    Parent

Leo Santana                                         Business Representative

Athena Corby                                      Community Representative

School Board Approved 4/23/2018